Internet for your Home

Massy Residential Internet
Consumer Internet Download Speed (Mbps)
Up to
Upload Speed (Mbps)
Up to
VAT Inclusive Price
SURF IT ALL 250 125 $700
SURF A LITTLE 15 7.5 $175
SURF SOME MORE 25 15 $200
SURF A LOT 50 25 $390
SURF A LOT MORE 100 50 $550

Internet Hardware

Internet can be utilized within the home via wired by using the Ethernet cable attached to the router, and wireless using WiFi transmission. Wired transmission will always provide more bandwidth than wireless transmission as various factors affect wireless transmission eg. Interference from other wireless devices that use the same frequency of the router, such as other wifi routers (including neighbour’s routers), baby monitors, cordless phones, microwaves, wireless alarms, wifi surveillance cameras among others and physical obstruction such as concrete walls, floors and metal beams.

We can provide an additional router that uses WiFi AC signal should you take the higher internet packages and would like to amplify or maximize your WiFi experience.

Internet Hardware
Hardware VAT Inclusive Price
Internet Booster (When Needed) $125
AC 1200 WiFi Router $1,000
AC 1900 WiFi Router $1,500

Internet for your Small Business

Massy Small Business Internet
Small Busines Internet Download Speed (Mbps)
Up to
Upload Speed (Mbps)
Up to
VAT Inclusive Price
PREMIUM 100 50 $1300
BASIC 25 15 $500
DELUXE 50 25 $700

The future in online Connectivity

  • Fast, consistent and reliable internet speeds
  • Enjoy video streaming with a stable, uncongested network
  • Market-leading upload speeds to share pictures and video with family and friends around the world.
  • Beat your friends with no lag in your favourite online games

Enterprise Solutions

Massy Communication's next-generation fiber-optic network together with global carrier partners enables Massy Communications to provide clients with customer-driven telecommunications solutions that are innovative, differentiated and cost effective and tailored to meet present and future requirements.

Massy Communications, works closely with its customers in all phases of network delivery in order to ensure a high quality service experience in:

  • Solution design
  • Service installation and provisioning
  • Service management and monitoring
  • 24/7 Customer support with direct provisioning, pro-active network monitoring and maintenance

Massy Communications offers a range of services which include:

Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) / IP Transit Benefits

Massy Communications’ DIA Service/ IP Transit is an ethernet based private line connection to the Internet backbone in the USA. It is dedicated in the true sense of the word. From the customer's premises to Massy Communications’s NOC in Trinidad, a dedicated, virtual private line carrier ethernet circuit traverses submarine fiber optics and is handed off to the Internet backbone when it reaches Massy Communications’s NOC in Miami, Florida, USA. To ensure IP redundancy, Massy Communications peers with various major Tier 1 Internet providers using BGP (Border Gateway Protocol) based routing and the Company’s owned autonomous system number (ASN) to ensure carrier –grade reliability.

Metro Fiber / Ethernet Circuits Via Gigabit Passive Optical Network (GPON)

This service is a network based wide area networking solution that enables customers to cost-effectively and securely transmit data between multiple locations and devices with speeds of up to 1 Gbps across Massy Communications’ Gigabit Passive Optical Network.

International Private Line Circuit (IPLC)

Massy Private Line Circuits give you high speed point to point connections based on reliable, standardized technologies. Through diverse submarine pathways between its Point of Presence (POP) at the Network Access Point (NAP) in Miami and its Trinidad POP location, Massy Communications extends global reach to meet international business demands and to ensure a high level of circuit availability.

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