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Massy: A Force for Good

We are happy that you can be a part of this technical revolution. By investing in the world’s best, completely fibre optic, network infrastructure, Massy Communications will connect you to the world in a way that will help remove the barriers that have frustrated us for years. With our new network, you will have greater bandwidth and faster, more reliable Internet speeds as well as access to the best content and entertainment.

Your new service will also let you earn valuable Massy points and let you be part of the Massy ecosystem. Imagine doing your grocery shopping, perhaps purchasing a TV and getting cable and internet in the Massy stores, all while earning points. We’re all about ‘uncomplicating’ your life.

Thank you for joining us on this journey as we transform Lives, Communities and Trinidad and Tobago.

Get great returns with Massy Loyalty

For every purchase at any participating Massy merchant, present your Massy Card to the cashier, prior to the transaction being completed, since points cannot be applied after the transaction has ended. The cashier will swipe your card and the points will be allotted to your purchase and credited to your personalized account.

For every qualifying $10.00 you spend, you will get one (1) point. Your points accumulate with every purchase you make using your Massy Card.

Redeem equally as easy! Redemption of 10 points gives you $1.

Loyalty Points

Participating Merchants: